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Hand in hand on your healthcare journey

Lori’s Journey

I received my Associate Degree in Nursing from Blackhawk Community College, Moline, Illinois in 1992. Yes, I am a midwestern girl at heart. I went through an Intensive new graduate program in Critical Care and worked in many ICUs for over 20 years. My Bachelor’s Degree was earned in 1999 from the University of Illinois at Chicago (Quad City Campus). In 2001 my father wanted to relocate to Florida, but my mom said, “Not without grandkids.” I have always hated the cold, so we said, why not? 

I started working as a travel nurse in 2001 at Parrish Medical Center through a local agency. While working there the new Parrish was built, and the old was demolished. Healthfirst provided me opportunities to renew my trauma and cardiovascular skills at Holmes Regional in SICU, MICU and CVICU. 

I was afforded a splendid opportunity to help train the wonderfully talented staff in Vero Beach as the open-heart program was launched. Continuing my education in pursuit of a Master Degree in Nursing (with my dear, late friend, Ms. Bea with whom this dream of opening a practice was first imagined) required me to work closer to home. Cape Canaveral ICU was my next home. While finishing my degree I returned to Indian River Medical Center to work during staffing needs. 

Graduation occurred from University of Central Florida in December of 2011. Family Nurse Practitioner Certified in March 2012. I worked two jobs as an RN for six more months to pay off my student debt. 

An Internal Medicine Clinic in Port St. John for 10 years allowed me to be an integral part of many local lives. I loved the fast pace and excitement of the ICU and was not sure I would be fulfilled working there but over time I found I loved being in primary care more than I ever thought was possible

Healthy Partners in Palm Bay has been my part-time home for 2023. 

During 2023 my friend, business partner, nurse practitioner and fellow follower of Christ, Kim McDaniel, and I have brain-stormed, talked with family and friends and searched our hearts for the ideal vision of how we want to provide healthcare to our community. I want to be part of your healthcare family and ensure you always feel safe coming to your healthcare home. I am excited to be part of your healthcare journey.

I am blessed to have a wonderful family. My mother, Sue lives locally. I am married to one of the kindest men in the world, William. Together we have seven daughters. Only the youngest two remain at home, they are 15 and 17. Rebecca and Will granted me the title of grandmother for the first time in 2023, Eli is my prince. The only downside of opening a practice is I will not be able to watch him two days per week. Olivia and Damian will be adding the next bundle of joy in 2024, I am so excited! Elizabeth (who is the office manager) is my number two. My first born is Victoria, she currently lives in Indiana. And Michelle is a beautiful daughter of God and my husband who I get to share. 

As a family we enjoy being outdoors, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing (or trying to), stand up paddleboarding and working around the yard. I love to read, dance, laugh and just be full of peace. Some of our warmest memories are serving locally and throughout the state after hurricanes. 

I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. I love people where they are while encouraging growth. I was agnostic until the age of 42. I am amazed daily at the love Jesus offers me! Especially when I do not deserve it, this is grace.  I want to thank you for joining us on our journey.

— Lori