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Hand in hand on your healthcare journey

The Hand in Hand Healthcare Mission

Hand in Hand Healthcare PLLC is a nurse practitioner owned and operated practice. The 2020 APRN autonomous practice legislation allows us to make this bold step in Brevard County.

We believe:

  • in caring for people, not just a disease
  • in quality healthcare while being financial stewards
  • relationships built on trust, integrity and transparency
  • knowledge is powerful; informed consent or informed refusal requires understanding benefits and risks
  • people deserve a healthcare home; we will be that home

As Primary Care Providers we aim to develop an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration and shared decision making. Taking care of every patient as family is essential to each team member. You will never hear, that is not my job!

We will collaborate with insurance on providing cost effective, outcome proven interventions while allowing for each person’s individual needs.

Our providers and staff are honored to walk with you, hand in hand on your healthcare journey.